All About Body Wraps

I’m glad you stumbled upon my page! I’m about to lead you into a product that has changed the world. The product is but it works global, and is called it works body wraps. These by wreps are the main item bite it works company and it remains the top number one seller of all its products.

wrapThe ultimate body applicator, the defining Jill, advanced formula that fighter, ultimate thermofit, green orange, patient care, and hair skin and nail product are a few products from the it works global product line.

However going back to its main product the wrap pack is the product that you are probably most interested in and what do your best at selling.

So let’s dive right in. So what is the ultimate body applicator wrap? For more information on the body wraps review check out this page here.

This product is a cloth non woven infused item with a formulation of powerful ingredients that help tighten firm and tone your body in as little as 45 minutes.

This product contains all natural ingredients. The wraps help deliver superior nutrients from your skin while hydrating smoothly and firming your skin producing a more youthful looking skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin.

The wraps can be used only once every 72 hours. After use you want to throw each one away that has been used.

So how do you use it? First you want to take it before photo so we can later compare the after photo. After that take measurements when area you are focusing on using body measuring tape to get before results. Unfold the wrap place the cream side wrap on the body of the targeted area. Sit still for around 45 minutes. Do not do anything that causes you to sweat such as working out or walking. Once the 45 minutes are up take out the wrap and rubbing any additional cream that is that on the skin. Do not shower for several hours. And finally measure the same area again and take measurements down. And finally taken after photo to compare. If your interested in on step by step instruction on how to use it click her.

How To Shabby Chic Furniture in Your Home

shabbychicAre you interested in learning how to shabby chic your own furniture? If so I have a great post for you today that many of my followers will enjoy.

I’m someone who loves you distressed shabby chic look. Many of my own furniture at home as this great makeover look. I’d even included it in my own little girl’s room to add its own uniqueness to it. If you’re looking to learn how to do it yourself picking up old furniture pieces at auction rooms charity shops or even estate sales are great place for these items. A lot of times families and stores are carrying out these items and the prices on these items are extremely cheap. These are the items you want to shabby chic because they offer the greatest feel and look once completed.

Below are a few things and items you’ll need for this project I’ve listed them low in order of importance. If you are shabby chic and you want to follow his exec steps in order to create the most perfect vintage antique item you can.

One of the most important things To remember that this experience is to have fun and be unique and enjoy the results to come up with. For more information check out this website below for great shabby items.

First off union item to shabby chic such as a dresser chair or table. Make sure you lay newspaper or some protective coating on the floor because you will be painting and removing debris and dirt as you send the item down. General tools such as pliers screwdriver and possibly a saw. Sandpaper, cloth tape, tape and scissors, primer paint, possibly water-based eggshell works the best and is quick drying and finally your brushes.

First you want to remove all of the necessary screws from the dresser drawers.

next you want to sand down the item.

Next start painting with the primer and the paint one of that it dry once complete you want to apply sandpaper to the edges and send off different areas of the item the corners and the edges are most preferably when making . chic items.

Once you complete that removing the necessary tape place the knobs back on the dresser drawers and your item is complete.

Product Review: 3D Fiber Lashes

This is an outside review from a friend of mine named Hillary. She’s big into beauty and cosmetics and want to share with you guys any product she’s promoting and thought my audience would love it since most of you are women. So I want you all to welcome Hillary. Her website:

Hello ladies my name is Hillary and today I want to review with you a product called unique 3-D fiber lashes and mascara this product helps lengthen and strengthen eyelashes. If you ever wanted to have a long take full eyelashes but either can’t grow them or have difficulty placing on fake lashes. I know the pain. glue on lashes are such a hassle but on.

So how does this product works? The kit comes into pieces. First is a transplant gel which is the first step followed by the natural fibers which is the second step. Each to his simple to apply just like applying mascara to your eyelashes. The case looks cool and very chic to hold.

So how does it work? It took me a bit to get used to and to put it on flawlessly but it looks great one-stop! You first need to apply one coat transplant gel on your eyelashes. Luckily transparent gel is black in addition to the eyelash natural fibers which will allow them to blend into your eyelashes. So after you place the transparent gel on you want to quickly apply natural fibers. The fibers will basically stick to the jail creating a fake lash on top of each layer you place the longer you stroke the more you stroke the thicker and longer eyelashes.

If you are interested in checking out more examples and more before and after photos of many of my own customers and myself using the 3-D fiber lashes kit click the link below to go to my website. You wish to order some please contact me on my contact page. Was really impressed wearing them throughout the day. I assumed they would stick correctly fall off however I was shocked by the end of the day my lashes were still intact. I really wanted to share this product with you guys because this product turned out really great and for anyone that wants to dramatically increase length by mother lashes this product is definitely for you.